LPGGZ: Giving people a voice at the Ministry of Healthcare.



The GGZ-panel is an institute where people, who have experience with mental health care (themselves or relatives) can share their opinion on mental health care. These combined opinions are used as an important source by the minister of health care to create new policies. We were asked to locate the target audience online and activate them to subscribe as a member of the panel.


We found the insight: “People in The Netherlands have a strong opinion about mental health care and share this on social media without a clear receiving party”. We created the campaign “Make your opinion count” in which the key message was; Share your opinion with the right people and really make it count. The campaign was rolled out on Facebook with posts carrying very specific provocative messages on mental health care and activating the target audience to subscribe as panel member.


Working with our menage trois model the campaign had over 1,6 million views and reached 418K unique people within the scattered target audience. The main goal, the growth of subscribers, was surpassed; the amount of subscribers grew with 68%.

The campaign #geefjemeningwaarde (makeyouropinioncount) also created a lot of buzz online. While the outings were mainly aimed at driving traffic they generated a great deal of engagement with over 3,4K likes and comments.


  • Data analysis
  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Monitoring