PARNASSIA & MIND Young: Mental Health (care) meets marketing


Curiosity Amsterdam was given the challenge and responsibility to create a first ever campaign where the two worlds of mental healthcare and marketing had to come together. Curiosity Amsterdam had to reach out to adolescents (13 – 24 years old) and trigger them to act upon any mental problems they think they might have.



Parnassia and MIND Young started this completely new approach on prevention and intervention in the area of Goeree Overflakkee, a part of the Netherlands near the south of Rotterdam. Parnassia developed a test through which the youngsters could detect if there is anything “wrong” with them and what they should do if there is. And, while many young people in this developing phase of their life might think there is something “wrong” with them while there is not, they were also reinsured that they are fine and the things they experience are very common.

The challenge was to find adolescents with developing problems and activate them to do the test. But, how do you find people who do not see or admit to themselves there might be something they suffer from and they could use help with?


We created a concept and digital campaign with the theme “Hoe bijzonder ben jij?” (“How unique are you?”). We raised the question: How unique are you? Once triggered, the millennials could find out how unique they actually are.

The social media campaign consisted of selfies posted on Instagram and Facebook. Because the target audience adds filters to their selfies, to make them seem more unique, we created our own unique filters. We created filters in line with the most common symptoms people could experience, making it part of the language the age group uses online.



Goeree Overflakke was the pilot area with a total population of 6.200 of people between the ages 13 and 24. We reached practically all people in the target audience.

  • 711 people clicked through to the test
  • 572 people started the test
  • 432 completed the test of which 372 were reinsured there is nothing wrong
  • 60 people received a result page accompanied with advice on how to find help and were redirected to help forums



  • Data analysis
  • Design
  • Concept
  • Copy & design
  • Social Media
  • Business consult


It is a unique collaboration between the renowned psychologists of Parnassia and MIND Young, and Curiosity Amsterdam. The collaboration as well as the campaign show promising results to create more awareness for programs on early detection and intervention.



Learn more about Parnassia here and more about MIND Young here.




This tool was created in close collaboration with professionals in the mental health care and is not a replacement of the traditional mental health care sector and its professionals.